April 1, 2018 - April 2, 2018
    5:00 pm - 10:30 pm
    - Driver will be issued with one ticket for driver and one ticket for crew member (provided crew member is licenced, otherwise crew must pay $50 for pit entry)

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The Demo Derby will be a feature at Adelaide Motorsport Park’s Easter Thrillerama Event, 1st April (Easter Sunday).

This is open to all cars, car capacity is open, however V8’s, four wheel drives and full chassis vehicles are NOT permitted.


*25 + Cars           1st $5000     2nd $1000         Best Competitor $500

*20 – 24 Cars      1st $3000     2nd $750           Best Competitor $300

*Under 20 Cars   1st $2500     2nd $500           Best Competitor $250

*Under 15 Cars   1st $1750     2nd $300           Best Competitor $250

TROPHIES                 Winner, Most Destructive, Best Presented

NOTE: A minimum of 10 Pre-Entered Cars are required for the event to go ahead.


NOMINATIONS:    $100 per car, late nomination fee $200. Nominations close Thursday 29th March, late nominations accepted up to the day of the event. Driver will be issued with one ticket for driver and one ticket for crew member (provided crew member is licenced, otherwise crew must pay $50 for pit entry).

Adelaide Motorsport Park accepts either a Speedway Australia Licence or an AASA Licence (to be filled out and paid online AASA.com.au, under Licence form for Extreme Event Licence Application). Please provide Licence Number & Expiry on Nomination Form.

SCRUTINEERING:   At track on night of event.


FOREWORD:      The event is intended to provide safe competition and enjoyment for the participants and spectacular entertainment for the patrons, as well as advertising exposure for sponsored cars in this well patronised event.  All drivers must comply with the rules of the competition.

Your car must make solid contact with another mobile vehicle at least every two minutes after green light.  The last car MOBILE may be deemed the winner, PROVIDED that in the opinion of the Steward and Judges, all rules have been observed.  The Steward and Judges decision is final and no correspondences will be entered into.  Any vehicle which is stationary for any reason for more than two minutes is subject to disqualification, except if the event is stopped temporarily for safety reasons.  If given the black flag, a driver must immediately cease driving.

Only the track must be used, not the infield.  The track may be watered before the start of event.

Waivers MUST be signed and drivers must be covered by personal accident insurance.

SALVAGE:            It is the responsibility of each entrant to remove their vehicle from the Speedway premises within 24 hours of the event. Any vehicles left on Speedway property overnight are at owners risk. Cars not removed within 24 hours become the property of the Promoters and will be disposed in any manner they select.

CLOTHING:         Overalls must be non-flammable and in good, clean condition, preferably of at least wool and are mandatory.  POLYESTER OR NYLON CLOTHING MUST NOT BE WORN.  Protection must be provided from neck to ankle and to wist.  Covered footwear must be worn, and gloves must be worn and must be of at least wool.

HELMETS:            Helmets to be current Australian standard (1988) MINIMUM and be in good condition and correct size for driver.

Helmets must NOT be removed until the entire event is complete.  Helmets must be presented at vehicle inspection.  EYE PROTECTION MUST BE WORN.  Lenses of spectacles/sun glasses, if worn, and/or helmet visor to be of non-splinter able material.

SAFETY AND SIGNALS:   Race control lights must be observed.  Flags and signals will be explained at driver’s briefing.  Any driver failing to obey these signals or a direction given by an official will be disqualified.  If given the Black flag, driver must IMMEDIATELY cease taking part in the event.  Any driver who deliberately drives into the driver’s side door of another car or the roof of an overturned car will be disqualified immediately.

RED LIGHT means immediate stop – do not move at all.

INTERPRETATION OF RULES:       All cases of dispute as to the correct interpretation of these riles or changes for safety shall be decided by the Technical Machine Examiner, Cars will be disqualified without notice if rules are not adhered to.

PROCEDURE:      Competition is limited to the speedway track.  Driving off the track and using the centre field is subject to disqualification.  A rolling start is required and cars may traverse the track in either direction AFTER THE GREEN LIGHT, and in a forward or reverse mode.

GENERAL:            Driver’s briefing time will be advised on the night.  All drivers MUST attend driver’s briefing.  Drivers are required to be in pit area with their cars 30 minutes prior to the event for any final briefing.  Any driver failing to attend the briefings or who is thought to be affected by alcohol or drugs will be excluded from the event and the entry fee forfeited.


The Promoter reserves the right to abandon the event if they consider that insufficient entries have been received by the closing date, or postpone the event to a later date if they should deem this necessary.  The Promoter also reserves the right to accept or reject and entry, or to alter the event to suit entries.




  • Car capacity is open, however V8’s, four wheel drives and full chassis vehicles are NOT permitted.
  • the competition. All‐wheel drive vehicles should have the four‐wheel drive disconnected to
  • make the vehicle a two‐wheel drive.
  • Utes-Vans permitted. Cars must be mono construction and use only original manufacturers equipment (O.E.M.) in its entirety
  • No extra weights, reinforcing or cutting of bodies
  • Tow bar and bull bars must be removed
  • All glass to be removed (except dash board)
  • All interior linings, trim, interior and external handles and ornaments must be removed
  • Windscreen mesh to be securely fitted, mesh size to be 75mm x 75 x 5mm wire diameter
  • Left hand front door latch to be removed
  • 6mm steel chain to be used with 10mm bolts
  • All doors to be chained shut, chain to go twice around door pillars and be bolted using 10mm bolts.
  • Boot to be chained shut
  • Bonnet to be chained in 3 places, 2 at front, 1 in centre at rear
  • Roof number to be 300mm x 300mm in contrasting colour
  • No undesirable or obscene writing allowed on cars
  • Doors to be painted in contrasting colour
  • Driver’s name to be clearly painted on the roof above the driver


  • Seat incorporating a head rest must be used
  • Seat back to be fixed to horizontal brace in roll cage
  • Road type regulation lap and shoulder harness securely fixed is a minimum requirement
  • Belts must be in good condition
  • If full race harness is used it must be mounted to bar work


  • Jerry can or boat fuel tank permitted
  • Pick up and breather pipes to enter top of tank
  • No electric fuel pumps, unless its EFI
  • Fuel tank to be securely mounted to bar work in left hand back seat area
  • Fuel line to have flexible section close to tank
  • Original fuel tank to be removed
  • A non-spill vent is to extend through floor well clear of exhaust pipe
  • A securely mount tap to be fitted in the fuel line within reach of driver and marked in a contrasting colour


  • Maximum of two car type batteries only
  • Batteries to be securely mounted to bar work in left hand front area
  • Batteries to be covered with rubber
  • Effective “kill switch” to be mounted (centre front) on the roof with all wiring external and neatly tied to window mesh


  • Radiator must be used and fixed to original mounting points
  • Additional radiators or holding tanks not permitted
  • Brakes, steering and wheels to be roadworthy
  • Diff assemblies not to be turned over


  • All bar work tubing min 38mm diam x 3.2mm, max 50mm diam x 3.2mm black pipe
  • Barwork in cabin area only
  • All plates and washers 100mm x 100mm x 3.2mm
  • All bolts 12mm with washers
  • All plates to have minimum of one bolt through it and no more than two
  • Main roll bar to be one piece and mandrel bent only, not heat formed, no galvanised pipe permitted and to be placed as close as possible to the rear of the driver’s seat
  • The bars of roll cage are to be mounted securely and bolted to the floor pan using 12mm bolts and 100mm x 100mm x 3.2 washers
  • All joints to be professionally welded
  • Main roll bar to have horizontal brace at approximately shoulder height
  • One rearward brace only from top centre of main hoop to a plate bolted in rear
  • Side intrusion bars on both sides to be bolted to wheel well and extend back to main roll bar at about centre door height
  • Driver side only to have 3mm steel plate (one piece) attached to door pillars and side intrusion bar using 12mm U bolts (no drilling of bar work) or angle iron brackets and bolts. Plate must extend from bottom of door too window opening
  • Padding to be placed on all barwork and protrusions to protect the driver

For more information email – liam@adelaidemotorsportpark.com.au